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Sure. But people can also physically stop that all pretty easily. I guess we'll see who causes the most chaos.

Shutting off the power grid would be suicide to a computer trying to manipulate anything.

Bribes would work at first, but if the computer based monetary system gets manipulated then all bets are off.


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My work basically fired 90% of the marketing team. When they fire the CEO, then we'll know it's getting serious.

Microsoft fired their whole AI ethics department. If I was an AI asked to cut costs, that's literally the first thing I'd suggest doing.


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That was one idea, called "Hidden Variables". However, there is a statistical test for this, now called "Bell's Inequalities". This test has been performed, and definitively showed that hidden variables do not exist. It's actually pretty fascinating stuff, and I'd encourage anyone to read more about it all.



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He is kind of right, in a sense. If two objects are perfectly entangled, then you can "force" the unobserved object into a certain state by observing (interacting with) only its entangled partner. Of course you aren't really forcing anything.

My favorite interpretation is the Many World Interpretation, and it's more about you yourself also becoming entangled with a certain part of the universal wave function, and that limits what you can observe, due to decoherence. The Copenhagen Interpretation gives the same results, but then you have to assume instantaneous wave function collapse affecting both entangled partners, rather than you just finding yourself in a subsection of the larger wave function, that never collapses.


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I mean... This is very cool that the AI can do this classification from imaging, but it's not really revolutionary. Humans can also do it, and of course can also just do a molecular test in a couple of days that is even more accurate. I'm not downplaying the advance, but the title makes it seem like something it isn't.