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Or perhaps don’t oversimplify what I’m saying. Which is, don’t trust GDF or Flora. It’s an opinion that was asked for by OP. Lol you’re neigh saying my neigh saying. Perhaps let someone decide for themselves?


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Hey, don’t listen to people saying Good Day Farm or even Flora. Why are those bad? Because they only sell their own weed for the most part. They are anticompetitive in that they don’t sell other buds. Less choices there. Go to GDF and they’ll convince you to buy GDF.

Also there is a bud shortage in Springfield right now because rec hit and cleaned us out. You’ll mostly find meh buds in the shelf right now unless you know exactly what to look for.

I recommend Bloom, which sells a variety of bud, and their own called Field Trip, which isn’t that great if I ask me. Greenlight is ok but should be avoided, plenty of mids there and Greenlight or Gold brand is absolute trash.


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Seems like it upset several children so that’s the harm. I’m personally wondering what is the motivation to correct someone like that and say “only a few hands went up”.

Like, is she that technical of a person that the statement needed to be corrected in that moment so we all live in truth or…? It just comes off as ignorant to the feelings of the kids.

Perhaps she is a little ticked off about the idea of having a director of diversity who is trying to “put trauma on” kids who don’t have it? Idk, I’m just trying to make sense of it.


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> According to the Springfield News-Leader, during an exercise run by the director of diversity, equity, and inclusion at Burrell Behavior Health, Marquisa “Keke” Rover, encouraged students to quietly reflect on their experiences with racial trauma by closing their eyes and raising their hands.

>Rover reported to the students that ‘most hands went up’ which Mohammadkhani challenged saying it was only just a part of the room.

Report goes on to say several children felt upset by the challenge.


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This made me laugh out loud. I came here thinking “surely Fidelity will be listed” but I didn’t think I’d be this right.

I’m currently renting with Fidelity, AMA. It’s a fucking nightmare. Ps: They are owned by OTC and they slumlord the area around OTC. Their main gig is denying tenants maintenance, the manager Fred Fox argues with every tenant instead of just helping them.

It’s amusing the lengths they will go to deny service. It probably costs them more constantly doing duct tape repairs. If they would just replace things correctly from the start they wouldn’t be so busy patching holes.

Fidelity can get bent HARD.


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Avoid shopping at Price Cutter. Go to Hy-Vee for produce and Walmart for stuff. Try to avoid eating out anywhere on the north end. In fact, avoid north side as much as you can.


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Noting that others here say “not expired”, Price Cutter has still been selling more and more food past its freshness date since the pandemic.

I legitimately could not purchase dairy items that were not past their expiration date at the National and St.Louis location. Their produce is often rotting nowadays. They used to have better produce than Walmart, now it’s the opposite.

I’m actively boycotting Price Cutter since they’ve only made it more expensive and less healthy to shop “on a budget”.

Seriously, what prices are being “cut” when a head of wilted lettuce is $5.50?

Ps: the workers usually look exhausted, I feel sorry for you guys. Hey-Vee seems like it takes care of their staff.


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Lol it’s certainly not just Springfield logic to connect the dots between a fascist capitalist government and the segregation of “less desirable” people. Republicans classically deregulate, which results in Monopolies. Here’s how it works…

Step 1. I rig the game so that it’s basically impossible for you to win. Let’s play monopoly except I start with the bank and Park Place and you get Baltimore Ave and $5.00 and abusive parents.

Step 2. You land on Park Place and can’t afford the rent so you sell Baltimore Ave to me. I now own all land and you have some cash. But eventually you loose it all for landing on Chance and being thrown in jail.

Step 3. You land on Park Place again and have 0$. At this point there is literally no where on the board that isn’t owned by me. Eventually we decide you have to forfeit, loose the game, or be thrown in jail.

Step 4. You start to realize how the game is rigged against you by your wealth status and that you never had a chance to win in the first place. You flip the table and move out to live on your own.

Step 5. You’re rounded up by police for camping on government land and thrown in real jail. Now you understand.


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This is literally what liberals have been saying for a long time. Like the past ten years has just been liberals saying literally “Jesus would have been socialist, republicans are hypocrites and their religious justifications don’t add up.