021Fireball t1_j1hsdre wrote

"Now listen 'ere ya little shite..." Grandad growled, standing on the desk and lifting the Principal by the throat. "What gives yer Tae bloody right Ter treat me damn gran'daughtah like that?! He hissed. I shivered a bit, as I held the part of my face that was bruised. Everyone was mad and I was scared. I didn't know what I'd done to deserve it, but Grandad was understandably outraged. He may have only been 4'5, but he had anger enough to make an Orc shit himself, and the muscles to break a dragon's neck. Even is his current predicament the snooty leaf-lover tried to act superior. "I struck it because it's impure! Wrong! It sho-" a blow to the throat reduced him to a coughing fit "ENOUGH." Grandad roared. "Don't talk shite about her! Ahm notifyin' yer feckin' superior aftah this. What'll Ol' Na'rok think o' THIS?" The headmaster whimpered in terror. No! Pleasenoilldoanythingyouwant! "Ah shut it." H growled, as he turned to the window, and he hung the headmaster out the window. Nara, call him ples. He'd say gruffly to me, as he went to intimidating the scrawny elf. I nodded, as I tried to call the Orc, until his rough, cheery voice came on. "OI OI! THIZ IZ KAPTAN NAROK TALKIN'? WHADYA WANT?" M-mmm... H-hello, this is n-nara S-stonehammer...