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Even saving small amounts of money, if invested well you'd be able to live comfortably off the interest after only a century or so of work. A blink of an eye in the time span of an immortal life

Einstein said something smart about compounding interest but I forget what it was


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I studied games programming for 4 years, worked in an AAA studio for 1 year as an engine programmer, and decided not to work on games as a career, partly because it ruined gaming for me. I couldnt look at games as art or entertainment anymore, I was focusing on how their lighting was rendered, noticing the blur of temporal anti-aliasing, critiquing everything at a technical level, etc.

If you want to make the game you want to play, be prepared to not want to play it. I know plenty of QA testers in particular who thought they landed their dream job playing games all day only to dread waking up and needing to play games all day. You really need a passion for building something other people want