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I don't think this is about that.

They built a gorgeous office purpose built for people to bump into each other at random to collaborate.

Fine to disagree with their philosophy, but if they're paying you to do a job and expect you to be in the office and you say "no" then don't expect to keep your job. You're basically telling Apple that you aren't a good cultural fit for the company.

I think some roles can be remote, but I'm also a firm believer that people being in the office leads to better team work and innovation. There have been plenty of times in my life where I've struck up a conversation with someone outside of my circle and it ended up with something great. Had I been remote, it may not have occured to me to talk to that person because other than seeing them in an org chart, I may not even know they exist.


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The basic thing to understand about Wall Street is that stocks go up and down largely based on how people feel about things, not based on any real quantitative reasoning.

A company posts record profits? Stock goes up. The amount it goes up isn't based on how big the profits are really other than the bigger the number the more people like it.

If you want to see this stupidity in action, at one point Tesla was valued more than every other car company on the planet combined.


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>Giving preferential treatment to financial companies based on means alone isn’t going to benefit anyone except the people at the top

What planet are you on? This is how the world works. People with money spend it to gain benefits and value.


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>Solar was the fastest-growing renewable energy source – output by solar increased by 24.14% and its share of total US electrical generation for the year was 4.74%.
>Electrical generation by wind also expanded significantly – growing by 14.97% and providing over a tenth of total US electrical generation in 2022.

Maybe. But Solar and Wind are growing quite quickly.

I know in my area they're putting up solar and wind farms like crazy. My warehouse is powered 100% by renewable energy off the grid now.


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Most people aren't going to have the ability to replace BGA components like DRAM and NVRAM chips on Apple devices. Some repair shops might, but it's not something someone with zero experience and a soldering iron is going to be replacing.

BGA component rework requires $30k+ in equipment, temp and humidity controls and knowledge of how to build thermal profiles.

They are also moisture sensitive, so managing them is more complicated than just sticking them on a shelf and waiting for someone to buy them.