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>Typically, we can treat the ailment better ourselves with proper medications and procedures.

What? I object to this immune system slander. We've invented some great medicines, sure. But first off, your immune system is constantly watching out for infections and cancer and kills them before they get out of hand enough for you to even notice them. There's no way you could replace that.

When things do get out of control, we have medicine to help us out, but most of them won't just fix you by themselves, they work in tandem with your immune system. That's why people whose immune systems are wiped out are basically dead men walking. Not to mention the constant arms race with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The immune system isn't perfect (I'm well-aware, I have allergies and an autoimmune disease), but it's incredibly sophisticated, to the point that we still don't completely understand it, and our medical technology hasn't gotten close to making it obsolete.