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> They are, still, a mass production economy of low/medium tech

It was the case a decade ago, but not today, they are now a huge major hub for high end and deep tech industry.

Also the theft complain isn't so true anymore as some major peer reviewed reports pointed out that they are now the one publishing the most internationally cited studies.



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They are already superior in some techs like 5G, IA, biotechs and quantum computing.

People are coping if they think most of their technology is still just a 'copy' of american technology when even the US have not discovered it yet.

EDIT : Downvoting because it goes against your preconceived narrative won't change the facts btw.


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From a non-american PoV, what's the difference between TikTok and Apple or Google who have their own privacy issues and have been caught selling your datas to the highest bidder?

americans are so conditionned to scapegoat their own problems to another country while their own privacy is as solid as a broken glass.