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Comment time is enshrined in bylaw where I live, and town meeting would never agree to repeal it.

Not sure where you live, but look into a citizens petition for town meeting to pass a similar bylaw to ours where every committee meeting must have comments as the first item. Not optional.


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Do you know where you will be teaching yet? That would help us better focus you toward some reasonable places with reasonable commutes.

And (future) welcome to Massachusetts. Congrats on your (future) escape from hell.


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Hahah it’s the sad truth too. I used to work over at BU but coming from the north, and the crawl from the Bunker Hill area to the office was longer than the other 25 miles. And the T for that path was even worse


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So you:

  • don’t know where you want to live
  • haven’t done any of the research yourself re: school etc
  • don’t know what houses cost where (an easy search…)
  • what is and isn’t a one hour commute radius

Got it.

I work in Cambridge and live in about what you’re seeking, but the level to which you want everyone to do your basic research for you is grand.