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The dieticians prefer you to eat them more green than yellow. The yellow it gets the carbs from fiber become carbs from sugar so your net carbs increase (at least that's my understanding). But somethings just are not worth longevity and eating green bananas is one of them.


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I thought that was a Qu'ran at first. I've heard of them being challenged, especially in the context of post 9/11 Islamophobia, but I'm glad to see they didn't top the list of challenges books.

Thanks to Florida pretty much every book can claim to be challenged now 🙄 I bet every person so afraid of the "liberal agenda" let their kids read The Little Hen which is about as communist as it gets.


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I get what you're saying. And I agree.

I'm facing my parents' mortality and it feels wrong to have to survive the death of the only people you've known your whole life - who have known you through it all. Not unnatural just not fair. Though life has no obligation to fairness somehow that doesn't ease the pain.


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I would say the opposite. That it was so common for your children to not survive infancy or survive beyond 5 that there didn't need to be a word. People used to not even name their child until after their first birthday. And a lot of cultures celebrate a child's birth months or years after the birth because they have survived long enough.


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That's a good point and something I noticed.

School aged people 100% have a timeline. For their school grade, physical, mental, social, and emotional ability. Missing mile markers is often cause for concern.

But in your 20s there so many different paths you can take but in your 30s some of those paths become harder to return from for simple biological reasons.