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I've noticed this is purely an American phenomenon. Might be because of the insane amount of racism the asians got back then so they branded themselves as pacific islander and it just stuck through the generations and because immigrant populations rarely mix in with the general populace when there's too many of them, new immigrants just adopt the new label too.

Also calling it Philippine Islands (PI) is a purely American phenomenon too. It's PH not PI.


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Because it's not a common viewpoint from the Philippines or immigrant Filipinos from not America. This is purely an American phenomenon. Same with still calling it Philippine Islands (PI). It's PH.


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Because unlike Russians, Belarussians aren't affected by the 30 years of state sponsored brainwashing. They literally spent the entire covid years clashing with their police and some parts of the military until Russia put a stop to it with their state sponsored face smashers with the name of OMON.