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Born and raised Texan, moved to the area a decade ago. Glad you enjoyed it! Come back, there is so much to see and do in this area that isn’t memorials museums and monuments (which are all great of course). Safe travels.


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I’ve tried it once and never again. Use one of the physical books (or their respective apps), or go to VA or MD and take your pick of em all.


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Seems like they more want to witness one than participate. I can understand that. When I moved to this area 10 years ago I felt similarly… I’d never seen a mass movement before. Even if you’re not attached to the cause, witnessing a protest can inspire someone to get more involved in fighting for a cause they do care about.


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Probably not. But it’s a free country and we allow things that are net negatives on society, like alcohol, because for better or worse individuals are empowered to make their own decisions.


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Reply to DCA past midnight by Aiorr

I’m a bit late but for next time, if you plan to stay up anyway, Bob and Edith’s is a 24h diner and has a location 2 minutes from DCA on 23rd St.