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Does anyone have experience with a bifl floor sweeper though? Like the non-electric kind? I feel like it’s overkill to spend so much on an electric vaccum when I just have small area rugs.


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Tenacious tape! I used it to patch winter gloves that I fell and ripped the palms out of three years ago, I didn’t think it would hold up in a high use area but it has! And I wear these gloves for bike commuting so I’m hard on them!


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Doc martens are trash! My spouse switched to Thoroughgoods a few years ago. Made in USA and you can get them resoled indefinitely. Danner also makes lovely boots.


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Hi, barber here. Don’t buy a cordless trimmer. They are trash and don’t last. I have experimented with top barber quality cordless versions of their classics and they are garbage and you can’t fix them. The best trimmer on the market is the Andis t-trimmer. All parts are easily replaceable and you can have them serviced by Andis. For anyone reading this who is also wondering about clippers, Andis Masters.