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RE infrastructure.......I come from TX where gentrification is dramatically densifying old urban cores that lack proper infrastructure.

However, that gentrification is also driving lower incomes to fill up the suburbs / exurbs that were never planned with proper pedestrian infrastructure to begin with.....no will it be affordable for decades to come.


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Sarcasm, but still.......It's like the lowest of low hanging fruit. I could congratulate my kid for doing subtraction, but he should be doing algebra.

Up until recently it was by far the most likely way my child, myself and my family would all die. I don't consider that acceptable.


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It's far too vast of a topic to be attributed to any one metric. Miles driven have plummeted the past few years, yet deaths are way up. All the following and many many more factors are all at play:

  1. phones
  2. bigger cars
  3. faster speeds
  4. NO enforcement
  5. lack of pedestrian infrastructure in growing population centers

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"Criminal acts to survive"

Are we still talking about US here? Nobody has to crime to survive in this country.

edit: people seriously expect those living in poverty to commit crimes? you people lack respect for those trying to climb the ladder in areas of concentrated poverty