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Once you get there you will understand why ocean cruises aren’t really a thing. Because of your dad, driving on the beach and getting out to explore might be your best bet. If you haven’t found a place to stay, I recommend the Shilo Inn. It is as close to the beach as you will get, with only the sand dunes separating you. The rooms also have a private balcony with ocean views. In the morning and evenings you can watch the local deer grazing as well.

The Shilo is also located right next to a beach drive on spot and across the street from the electric bike/scooter rental place. Bennett’s Fish Shack is also close by and the food was yummy.

I hope your family has an amazing time. Depending on when exactly you go, it could still be a bit off season so places may not be open or they have some unusual hours.


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Ocean Shores isn’t exactly the first place I would think of for boat tours and definitely not for whale watching. It also looks like the only option is temporary closed and would only give you access to the inland waterways.

The big draw for OS is the miles of beach to explore. You can rent electric scooters or bikes. Great place to fly kites. Horseback rides along the Pacific Ocean. You can even drive your car on the beach, where allowed. Sunsets are extraordinary there. One of my favorite places to be, for sure.


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It depends on where in western Washington you want to live and the quality of house you buy. My folks sold their home, in Renton, at the end of the summer. Interest rates were hovering around 5.5% at the time. A 20% down payment would have been $189k with an estimated payment just shy of $5k a month. They ended up taking a cash offer for $60k under asking, as it had been on the market for three months and they had already moved out of state.


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Again, what are you spending that money on? You need food to eat but what are those other incidentals you acquiring for $200 a month? If it is things you want, are you planning on taking them with you to another county or will you need to find a way to get rid of it before you leave? If you don’t plan of taking it with you, don’t buy it.

The reality is you probably already own everything you will need for the next six months. The things you don’t have (but have need of) can probably be borrowed from family, friends, or nice neighbors. If you simply want it, then skip it.


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Ditch the car and Uber when needed.

If you are moving to another country in 6 months what are you spending $200 a month shopping for? Most of what you own you will most likely sell/toss and buy again over there.

If you eat out less and skip date nights, you can save an additional $1,800 before you move. You could also make date night a time when you both cook a meal from scratch together and curl up on the sofa to watch a movie from one of the $45 subscriptions you pay for.


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Is there a reason they haven’t bought a water softener? Without sorting out the hard water problem, everything that utilizes water is going to face a shorter life due to scaling, from the deposited minerals.