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like i said, macros are just as (if not more of) an important factor as the actual calories, here's an article from harvard about why a calorie is not a calorie, which i think is a good place to start! do some research, and listen to your body!!!

my best advice tho is not to worry too much about counting calories, listen to your body and only eat when you're hungry, and try to eat the foods that you're craving, because your body will tell you what it needs (but like if you're craving fast food, try to eat homemade foods with similar ingredients that will give your body what it needs while still keeping you relatively healthy)

that said, all things in moderation! if you want chips here and there thats fine! a soda once in a while? why not! your body is whats keeping you alive so try to give it the love it deserves!!


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i'd talk to a nutritionist, they can help you with your caloric/macro nutrient intake goals and figure out the best exercises for you

but honestly it sounds like you're quite fit so im guessing your goal is just general weight loss? so i'd like to just put it out there that unless you change your eating and exercise for the rest of your life, as soon as you stop the "diet" or extra exercise or whatever it is, you will more than likely end up gaining the weight back and possibly more

tl;dr diets dont work, lifestyle changes do, and weight loss isnt the end all be all for happiness/self esteem


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well the average person uses like 1500 calories a day doing nothing so thats how you burn that, and eating less or low calorie things is how you keep it at a deficit

its also important to keep macros in mind tho (protein, carbs, fats) because your body uses them differently and having too much of one can make you gain weight even if you're at a calorie deficit