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A story about a writer who has finished his book, the only thing keeping it from being published is an editor saying "I need a better title" everytime the writer submits one.

Constraint: Reveal the subject of the book through the series of title submissions only, and without directly saying the subject.

Direct Title Example: History of Mathmatics

Indirect: From Cave Walls to Calculus


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My favorite prompts are either Simple or Constrained ones. I have a tendency to not post my writing to them though. Still warming up to that.

My favorite of prompts I replied to: Elevator

I enjoy when prompts give me ideas for dad quality jokes or puns.

Question for writers with their own subreddits: What made you start it and how do you go about your posts?

How about in regards to only one story or do you use different tags for different tales.


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To Amelia's surprise the elevator moves neither up or down. Instead the elevator spun slowly to the left. With her back facing the way she came in, she pushes the button labeled '15'

Static crackles from a speaker on the right corner of the elevator above the buttons.

"Are we strangers?" Asks a synthetic voice from the speaker.

"I don't recognize your voice. What floor do you live on?" Amelia shakes her head, "What are you doing to the elevator."

"We're no strangers..." There is a pause in the static. The silence in the elevator absolute.

"You know the rules," the voice deepens, "and so do I."

"Rules?" Amelia drops her bag on the floor, "I just want you to take me to my floor so i can get to my apartment, have a glass of wine and a pint of ice cream."

Amelia steps forward to the panel and begins to push the buttons. The elevator rises. The static from the speaker fades away as the elevator lifts.

With a clang the elevator comes to a stop.

The synthetic voice whispers over the music, " Never gunna give you up."

Amelia begins pushing the emergency help button.

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