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Nobody knows what will happen, but my feeling is that right now does not seem like a great time to buy unless you find your dream house. I would gamble that next year the market might be softer but who knows 🤷🏼‍♂️


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Thats great I like that vocational people can make a buck. As a middle class person I don’t think they are being very gracious about it when they try to assign 3 vans to your house for a whole day just to install an air handler. Its a but ridiculous and is $75/hr $150k annually? 😂


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I’m not planning on doing any fall camping this year, and I’ve only done the NE portion of the AT. I would say with pretty strong resolve that CT hiking and camping for the serious enthusiast is a bit lackluster compared to driving a few hours to the Berkshires or the White Mountains. However there is sleeping giant for day hikes with your doggie and Mt Graylock for a bit more difficulty. Ivey probably had the best time camping out at Black Rock but again it is nothing close to the kind of campsite near a big trail or mountain that a serious hiker would be looking for