1Land_1Keep t1_je5bzk1 wrote

I gave up on it.

When I was a kid, I remember loving the episodes involving the future and wanted to see more of the project. This new series was a monkey's paw situation for me.

At least early on, the balance between Ben and PQL was awful and the leap felt pretty irrelevant. I realized quickly I didn't care about the team and had loved the original show for Sam figuring things out with his wacky sidekick.

The new show seems like it has bigger stakes in the abstract and yet smaller stakes in the specifics.

It's a fine enough show for what it is, I suppose, but it didn't scratch the itch for me as an original series enjoyer and felt way too 2020s Network Television to me to continue.


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>Forth, a Parsec is a unit of length equal to the radius of Earth’s orbit. Which is a very strange unit of measurement for a galaxy far far away.

"He a little confused, but he got the spirit."

You're describing Astronomical Units which, while they are used to define a Parsec, are not the same thing.