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> You're gone a lot, but its good money. > > I'm really just trying to reach out to people who are working more for a lot less and struggling to feed their families. I

Pay does sound good... but not many people want to be away from their families to support them. Family support also comes from being around, not just money.


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I have a hard time believing any trade will accept anyone off the street with no prior experience and pay them 6-figures. It's nice advice if someone has the time and energy to devote to a career, but if we're talking about a person with a family and mouths to feed they can get jobs that pay the same entry level wage the trade would give with a better work/life balance.

That said, Do you have a website and link to the open 6-figure entry level paying door?

I found this job:


Which sounds like a lot of frilly language to say we'll take advantage of you and that it's not the type of job for a person needing to support a family.

And doing some research into the company seems to prove this point:



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I respect you for being willing to be open to experiences you've been told are bad. The 2A isn't supposed to be political, it's for everyone. Remember, it doesn't give you the right as much as it denies the government the power against you. That's what virtually all the constitution and bill of rights does... limits the government to ensure a free people.

Also hit up r/PAGuns... you'll find that the politics is mainly pushed by those who serve to gain from discord. The Firearms community is overwhelmingly helpful and very pro- even people with different opinions or ethnicities because like I said before, it's not political.