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Where I live so many people have Little Free Libraries set up. Check the LittleFreeLibrary.org site to see if there’s any near you. If you find a book in one that you don’t think you’ll read again, make sure to “throw it back” for someone else. Also, you might check out bookcrossing.com. Some members of that are willing to share books and I believe the site also has a listing of where people have set up bookcrossing release spots.


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What do you all think of “full cast” audio books? Personally, I don’t like them. I prefer one narrator/reader. Full cast is one of those things that seemed like a good idea, but in actuality it’s unpleasant/difficult to listen to.


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Omg. I read this book for the first time just a year or so ago. Overall I enjoyed it, but there was one thing that hit a jarring note for me. I know partly due to reading it through the lens of modern sensibilities. But perhaps the rest of you can give me your feedback: that boy she becomes friends with ( I think he’s a goat herd?) seemed verging on mean & I recall feeling disturbed by the way she tip toed around his moods and in her cheerful way did & said things to appease/placate him. Am I hypersensitive or was there an undercurrent of violence in his attitudes? It’s been a while, so I can’t bring up anything specific. But it did color my overall enjoyment of the story. I wrote it off as reflective of the mores of the times. Did anyone else pick this up?