1amCorbin t1_jd3ncnm wrote

"Sure, the payments are often in jewels or ancient forms of currency, but if you know the right people you can do well with the exchange rate!"

The intern blinked at me in confusion and I let out a sigh. Not everyone is cut out for this line of work. It's genuinely more work than any other tech job you can get.

You have odd hours, a less knowledgeable clientele, and you have to do work on the back end for a lot of the benefits to be actually beneficial -such as, finding a reliable money launderer who doesn't mind converting drachme into USD.

The main benefit was ahem social. Half of us support people are monster fuckers, the other half want to become monsters... and also fuck monsters.

But even without those benefits, you still get the chance to travel a lot and challenge yourself. Not every IT person gets to install ethernet into Eastern European castles or find ways to help an aquatic being with their internet access.

We'd just have to see if the newbie was up to the challenge.


1amCorbin t1_jaomy7z wrote

"Oh baby!.... is that silver?" Your instantaneous joy at being proposed to was just as quickly marred by the realization.

You wanter to say yes, but if you allowed that ring to touch your finger, you could die... you think.

*Wait, a silver bullet can kill you, but it won't kill you if it just touches you, right?"

Your partner looks up at you expectantly, and slowly growing nervous at your hesitation.

You can't let them stay on their knees any longer. You extend your finger and immediately your skin begins to burn. Like, literally burn. Smoke began to rise where the ring touched your hand and you hurriedly took it off.

"Ah, sorry. I should've told you this earlier. I'm allergic?" The statement came out as more of a question as you struggled for something that your partner would believe. And surprisingly, they did.

God, your poor, sweet, stupid partner. They rushed back to the jeweler and exchanged it for a ring of gold. Now all you had to do was find some excuse for why you couldn't be around during the full moon


1amCorbin t1_ja4czky wrote

People think demons are all about convincing people to sin and I mean... Yeah, but we also like to sew chaos. I think my brethren are a bit short sighted sometimes. We're all about instant gratification, as a rule, but sometimes playing the long game can be worth so much more.

Think about it. Humans have to eat. When times are hard, its not too hard to give up the occasional vice, but you can't entirely write off eating.

Eating is also a communal experience. The only people who go to a themed restaurant alone are the truly miserable- and everyone else can be made miserable once they get there.

The servers are miserable because they're forced to be on their feet for hours at a time dealing with grouchy customers.

The customers can easily be pushed to misery with poor service. Which in turn makes the servers miserable. Its a perfectly balanced ecosystem of depression and its delicious.

The food isnt half bad either.