1feralengineer t1_je0e4vl wrote

I googled RF-6350-233 and found it from 50+ retailers (some are no doubt just different store fronts for the same supplier); hard to imagine no one ships to Canada.

However, based on the low value of this appliance, I would not spend that much money on it.

Take measurements and keep them and a tape measure with you whenever you are out shopping. Eventually you will find something that will fit (or you can cut to fit) that will work - cutting board, lid for a plastic bin, etc.)


1feralengineer t1_jcbdbel wrote

The walls are block, but I assume they were laid on concrete footings. The first thing I would do is have the footings inspected; then make a decision about the floor.

My thoughts on the floor would be dependent on a long term radon test. If you have radon, then sealing the floor becomes a much higher priority than the amount of effort required.