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More color options? You can spray any paint that can be rolled.

I would go to an actual paint store (not a big box hardware store) for your paint. For durability, buy the best you can afford and (generally) the greater the sheen (gloss) the greater the durability. Have the store tint the primer.

And finally, cover the final paint with a high quality clear coat (this will add durability, less likely to show scratches than paint, and then you can also adjust the sheen to what you want regardless of the paint's sheen)


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If you can find an oil/solvent based sealer in your area, that would make the sealing, sanding, sealing part the smoothest.

If you are doing it with a water borne finish, then you want to use a high solids content sanding sealer.

If you want smooth, not sure why you are rolling it instead of spraying it.


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Hanging drywall on drywall definitely used to be a thing (as sound deadening between apartments). But if you know the thickness of this wall, then it sounds like an interior wall. Still, they may have used double drywall as the way to build thickness because they were working around existing architecture limitations.

What is on the other side of the wall? And do you own it or rent it?


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Domestic cats are only good down to about 7°C (45°F). 2" oak has an R value of about 1.5 (2" of foam has an R value of about 12). Without a heater, neither is going to be enough