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Like the article suggests, it could be used to track people to locations they don't to be known, such as abortion clinics, especially in the wake of the incredibly moronic and repressive laws recently enacted in some states.

It could also be misused in the same way by falsefying records to make people appear where they were not or being purely convicted by association.

Say there was a drug bust in a neigborhood and someone that had a criminal record was keeping clean, ends up being recorded his car just passing through. People have gone to jail for less.


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You can totall cork that Genie back in.

We do this kind of stuff all the time in IT with personal information to prevent linking people to specific IDs (in this case, license plates).

It's one thing to look up a plate, it's another make that process easy to the point that you have your own personal database at your fingertips at all times.

This leads to abuse.


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You dont have a problem with this until it becomes a problem that affects you.

With privacy matters, you need to look outside your own boundaries to how this information can be misused


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Data is not finite.

Data has a shelf life.

Just take the myriads of studies done on Alcohol. It was proven many times over to be bad for you. Ok.

Then it was proven to have beneficial effects for some with helping with coronary artery disease, lower bad cholesterol, etc etc.

Then the concentration of blood/alcohol ratio allowed before it becomes impaired driving was revisited several times over the years and refined according to better health understanding of the human body.

What i'm saying is that not only does the univserse change, so does our understanding of it. And that impacts past studies and past truths we held as facts, often to a greater amount of certainty.


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> Why even do a study on this?

Because we need data. My college professors years ago told us we'd be doing this til the end of time. And that we need ot keep doing it, because policies change, views on subjects, change over time by different age groups and identities.

And everytime you say something, no matter how mundane, you'll be challenged to prove it with facts all the time.


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There is no end that we can see and at the rate of expansion, when we do see it, it'll have moved again until the great heat death of the universe.

Think of our existence as a firework.

We're still in the explosion part.

As for why, well there isn't a why. We just are.