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Controversial opinion, instead of working another job get a AA in Business Administration (that is just what the degree is called it is not specific to being a business admin lol). Talk to your local community college and see if there are any local universities with a transfer agreement.

Community college isn't free, but is it very affordable and depending on your families current financial situation could be free after government grants, key word here is grant not loan. Grants, like FSEOG, Pell, and potentially any grants your state offers essentially cover the cost of tuition and potentially books.

Also, best case scenario: you enjoy what you are studying/learning about the business world, you knock it out of the park with your grades, and qualify for some merit based scholarship/grants. There are tons to help people transition from community college to a 4 year university.

At the end of the day, getting another job after already working 40 hours a week will get you money today but probably wont help you increase your future earnings.


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nope had this dude when I was living on my own. Funny enough, my Dad is actually partially to blame for my mouse dying. I went on vacation for 2 weeks and asked him to simple: 1) make sure the food dish was full (my mouse was pretty good at not binging it's food, so you could just just leave enough food for 3/4 days at a time), and 2) make sure he didn't run out of water (my mouse had a tendency to pile up bedding where the water bottle was and it would drain it within a day). In practice, this meant he only had to stop by my apartment maybe 3/4 times but well it turns out he never did.

I came home to find no food, no water (the bedding had been piled up but at this point had dried out), but an alive pet. I have no idea how long he had been without food or water but he was noticeably stressed from the whole situation (had an anxiety problem where it would over groom to the point of getting bald spots) and passed away a few weeks later.


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had a pet mouse live like 5 years. I only later found out later that the "oldest" mouse recorded lived for 4 years. I'm sure there are countless other instances of pets living past what has been documented as the oldest, but no one really thinks to track these sort of things.


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idk... voting sounds like a lot of work to put on the general populous. It makes a whole lot more sense to just have one guy run the show and not worry the people. Now of course they will also need a special police force to make sure no one is trying to make trouble, but that is just the price we need to pay for freedom.


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I'm confused by this author... is it normal to have this on your website?

>I prefer pitches via email around midday (between 11am and 2pm). I sometimes respond if I'm not going to cover the story you pitch me. If emailing, my ideal email length is 2–3 sentences and limited follow-up emails are ok. I occasionally check newswires for new story ideas.

it kind of sounds like he writes fluff pieces for people on demand. Though I am 100% in the ready to be proven wrong about this and told how it this is a perfectly normal freelance thing to do. I will update this post accordingly.


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> blowing through a light at 20+mph on your ebike is a quick way to go to the hospital.

Whenever people ask me how I ride in a city, I just tell them I have 3 rules.

  1. Wear a helmet

  2. Assume no one can see your, and if they can they are actively trying to hit you.

  3. BE PREDICTIBLE! This means stopping or at least yielding at stop signs/red lights. Biking with traffic (I cannot tell you how many idiots bike against traffic... even when there is a bike lane on the correct side of the street). Not salmoning through traffic (I know this is a thing a lot of people do, but I don't do it because no one is expecting a bike to zoom past them when waiting in a line of cars at a red light). etc. etc.


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It may also be selection bias (or some other bias), but it also seems like a large percentage of e-bike/scooter users in my city just disregard the rules of the road. I don't think I have ever seen someone on an e-bike/scooter stop at a red light/stop sign and just do a lot of, for lack of a better term, stupid sh*t lol.

Like I said, this could just be some type of bias due to me remember annoying people more than others, but I think the e crowd has attracted a lot of inconsiderate people. I saw something similar happen with cyclists when COVID first happened. People who never road bikes in a city started getting bikes/renting them more but were riding them like they were the only ones on the road.

It is just sad because it gives the rest of the people a bad name. I cannot tell you how many people have screamed at me for being on a bike when I am doing everything correct. Had one dude scream at me at a red light for "cutting him off", despite looking, seeing I had room to change over to the left turn lane, signaling, and finally turning. I ended up yelling back at him "I SIGNALLED" and did the same signaling move I did before. He then calmed down and was like "oh shit you know what you're right, you did signal it just didn't register".


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uggg in my state/city the rules are so dumb! The bike lanes are filled with people on electric scooters/bikes that really shouldn't be there. You know what I love? Being on a bike in the bike lane and having a dude on an electric bike zoom past me way to close going 20-30mph. At this point in time a lot of these things are essentially just motor cycles/mopeds which are not allowed in bike lanes. If you want to make the argument that it's safer for them to be in the bike lane, then people are missing the point of having bike lanes.

We really should start requiring more people to register these devices, like mopeds and motor cycles, and require the scrutiny. AKA head lights, brake lights, turn signals, etc. Even the people who ride unregistered dirt bikes on the road have better common sense than a lot of the electric scooter/bike people (sans the dirt bike gangs that over take entire roads doing wheelies).


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>As for the new job you’re going to want to make sure you know the open enrollment dates.

Does this really matter? Doesn't losing coverage from a prior employer count as a qualified life event?

OP might not qualify for his new employers insurance right away. For some reason I remember not being able to sign up for insurance at my job for the first few weeks... but I also could be remembering that wrong.


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also like every battery "break through" you hear about online, odds are it will have some issue/limitation that results in it never making its way to consumers.