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There's people that swear it's better sliced. Honestly I'm ashamed these people's vote counts as much as mine, because I cannot possibly fathom being so confidently wrong

And every time I ask why they get it sliced, they always say it was their parents who got them on that when they were kids. I don't know why anyone would make choosing the worst possible way to eat grease meat a lineage.


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We just got done with a sale at my store, $2.99 a pound. Everything since last Wednesday has been coated in a thin veneer of grease and I've found pieces of the ham stuck in the grooves of my sneakers every day after work. People came and ordered anywhere from 2 pounds to some lunatic who ordered 14 pounds. I think today alone I chipped almost 40 pounds.

If that sale comes around again I'm going to work in the bakery or something for a week


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Reply to If only.. by metracta

Would it be nice? Absolutely. Is it possible? Most likely. Will it happen? No. We'll have toll booths on the Fort Pitt Bridge before any meaningful and useful Public Transport


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I actually tend to like the hometown pride. Generations of people staying here because it's where they grew up and want their kids to do the same. You walk in the deli, you chitchat with someone and they knew your dad or your grandma. You know your neighbors because you care about your town. You open small businesses to fill a void or to help out. It's not something I ever want to give up, and I'd never name it a con


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The writing for this has been on the wall for a long time. Seems like every year some small insurance company is swallowed by UPMC or Highmark. Then the ones they can't buy go under because they can't compete with the rates offered by the other two.

You watch, in another 10 years they'll carve out small kingdoms of exclusive insurance in the same way the ISP's did with their service areas. "Oh you want to go to this hospital? Too bad, its in Blue Team's network, and you're Red. Drive 45-60 minutes to the nearest Blue Team hospital."