1wiseguy t1_ja3aft4 wrote

There are 3 ways an adversary can read your encrypted message:

  1. Somebody gave them the key, either deliberately or by mistake.

  2. The algorithm is faulty or weak.

  3. The adversary has the resources to do a brute-force attack. That relates somewhat to #2.

All of these can be avoided, if you do it right. Sometimes people don't do it right.


1wiseguy t1_j20g9dy wrote

If you want to transport water or gases from Earth to Mars, the amount of mass necessary to make a minimal atmosphere or any kind of ground water is staggering and impossible.

Steering an asteroid or comet to collide with Mars is also quite a trick, and finding one that's headed roughly for Mars could take quite a while.

These things are great for a sci-fi story, but in the real world we have laws of physics that we must answer to.