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You are correct! It didn't look like the regular inspection sticker so I didn't consider that it was still a window sticker (and, in my defense, unlike the registration sticker it doesn't have the instructions on it). Thank you!


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I did not receive one with my registration packet. The one on the car was from VA but was where registration sticker went so I had to remove. Are you saying I should have received one in mail with registration?


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Your reply is nonsensical. This isn't "nimby". You seem not to know what that term means. You also seem not to know anything about that neighborhood, KIPP or how DC deploys school resource officers. In fact, you seem to know basically nothing.


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Some schools have teachers or school resource officers stationed between school and mass transit stops. This is for the protection of both the community and the kids. In the absence of school resource officers or staff, it's going to be MPD. That's a set up for something bad to happen. MPD is not skilled at de-escalation and teens with group think and hormones are prone to terrible decisions.

I'm guessing based on your Reddit profile and questions/comments that you don't live over here or have kids in MS or HS. This is not like demanding to know why schools are not omnipresent. This is 2 blocks from the school on the commuting path to metro at a known hot spot.


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Those two things are not mutually exclusive and you clearly don't send your kids to schools in DC. MS and HS in DC have staff stationed at release to prevent conflict between kids.

Your response is both lazy AND uninformed - well done bro!!


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You apparently don't live in DC and/or send your kids to schools in DC. Many schools have staff stationed within a couple of blocks to act as cooling agents and prevent conflict between kids. But by all means, post your ignorant, uninformed crap.


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That KIPP location does not care what those kids do once they leave the four walls of that school. On any given day there are a dozen or so smoking weed in the alleys and against buildings. After school they move through Union Market intentionally intimidating vendors and customers en masse. KIPP does not give a damn.


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Not just you. The service is very uneven. The waiters are always there at the beginning and very pleasant, but from there it is a crap shoot. I have waited 40 minutes for popcorn! How the f*** is there not popcorn ready to go??? Drinks take forever or just don't come. The thing with the checks not being delivered until after the credits is just not OK. At this point I don't wait; I just leave and keep an eye on the credit card charge to make sure they don't screw me. I am surprised to hear this is specific to DC. One would not think a corporate company that knows how things are supposed to work would tolerate this.


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NoMa station was a backfill station that opened in November 2004. As you (may) know the station is built on existing above ground tracks; why put it underground just to have to go right back up when the next stop (Rhode Island) is above ground? Plus, the Amtrak tracks are already above ground and so there's already a RR bridge there, so why bother?

There was MUCH debate about where to put the silver line (above/below). One of my favorite things ever was the public testimony from people who argued that there was no cost increase to going underground. They said that in public with a straight face!


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Bought NE rowhouse. Then took it down to party wall brick and joists (some of which we also removed), ripped off rear wall and added 20x20 extension on 3 levels and underpinned basement to get extra 3 feet of ceiling height. It was a MASSIVE project. It was a lot of work. It was stressful. I do not for a moment regret it.

  1. No regrets at all. We worked with an architect and then I made tons of changes throughout the process to get exactly what I wanted. Dream kitchen (400 square feet), 10x3 foot island in single piece of stone, switches exactly where I want them, massive windows, killer insulation throughout, reclaimed red oak floors sanded and stained in place in a color I created myself, power everywhere and precisely where I wanted, network cables home runned to my server room, built in speakers, etc.
  2. Broke ground as planned...and that was the last time we were on schedule. Fortunately we were living in our old house while the work was done. Quoted time was 6 months. Was almost 11 months from breaking ground to when we occupied.

It is WAYYYY cheaper to do all the renos at once. Trades are expensive to bring in one at a time; you get much more for your money at scale. You can also do the reno the way you want without having to make concessions to living there.

Happy to provide more context and info if you want to PM me.