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You're not wrong, but what matters for Putin is whether or not the Russian public believes they lost. They know it isn't going easily, but they don't know they have no hope of winning and that Ukraine will never be theirs. A difficult war is one thing, but retreating in shame and failure is another.

When they stop recruiting soldiers and instead they come home with nothing gained, Putin will look like a fool and will be overthrown. They will tolerate a brute, but not a failure.


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Nope. Saying it is "more complicated" is not drawing a conclusion about who is to blame, it is a truth about most familial relationships and it was said in response to comments that were taking sides. It was simply saying that we don't know what happened. Nothing embarrassing about supporting that.


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It worries me how online forums are giving support to the delusions of genuinely unwell people. They can connect with people from all over who will tell them they are right. Everyone can find their tribe, no matter how crazy. This is happening not only about political issues, but personal obsessions too.

There is a person who lives in my neighborhood who is clearly paranoid and thinks all her neighbors are conspiring against her to drive her crazy. She posts flyers about something called gangstalking.com. She can go online to convince herself that it's not just her, it's a real thing that happens to other people too. She harasses all her neighbors with baseless accusations.

This is not only bad for the people suffering from the delusions, but also to society and their potential victims if they are inclined to harassment or violence.


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> Enough for what?

Enough for concern that he is still capable of harming the type of person he has chosen to harm before. What else do you think I could have meant? You were talking about him being less capable than before, and I said he is still capable enough.

>The determinations should be based on the facts.

You mean like the fact that the only victim we have information about was 13 years old? I was refuting your bizarre suggestion that we could assume the others were of a different profile since we have no information about them, which makes no sense.

Do you get it now, or do you still want to argue over nothing?


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>absent the information on his other victims in the thread that i saw, we can assume that wasnt the common victim profile?

Why would you say that? As they stated in the article, they only described the one who came forward publicly. We have no reason to make any assumptions about the others, but even if the others were older, he has shown a willingness to attack children and that is enough.

Sure, the average 63 year old is probably less capable than when he was in his 20s, but breaking into a house and assaulting a teenage girl is not very physically difficult.


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>So are you proposing we make the sentence for rape a life sentence then?

Did you not read my comment? From the first line:

>he served his time which is why he's getting out and I didn't argue against that

My comments were simply about why this story is worthy of being news. Who are you arguing against?

He admitted to nine rapes, but was only convicted of one of them because of the statute of limitations. There's nothing we can do about that, but I'm not going to pretend this is someone who has paid for his crimes. Those eight other victims would probably have something to say about that.

You seem to think all rapes are equal and of equal threats to society, but this is a man who hunted down multiple victims after seeing them in public, including a 13 year old girl. Anyone he crossed paths with was a potential target. He is the most dangerous type of rapist there is and the type that people in his vicinity would most need to be warned against. As the article says, he isn't required to notify his neighbors, so reporting the story is one way because don't know where he will move to.

Edit: He's 63, which is not young, but he is still capable of harming someone. I would want to know if he lived near the young women in my family. Nice that you don't think it matters, since other men are "technically" rapists too. Some men are much more dangerous than others. You don't seem to get that.