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I also wanted lean into the point that not all Christians are anti-immigrant. My mother has work with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services for many many years. They do fantastic amazing incredible work simply because its the right thing to do. No parades or fancy costumes necessary.


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Did you also note that they have provided no financial history...because there is none.


>The Company was organized under the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act on August 2, 2022. As of now, we have not yet begun operations other than those associated with general start-up and organizational matters. We have no revenues and very minimal liquid resources (cash). We intend to use the proceeds of this Offering to buy and operate the Project, as described in our business plan, as soon as the Offering closes. We will also use debt (borrow money) to finance a portion of the costs.

>If we cannot raise money in this Offering, or cannot borrow money on the terms we expect, then the Company will probably dissolve.

A Delaware based LLC with no financials and very little skin in the game.



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Somebody give me the abridged version of why a privately developed shopping center should receive any public funds at all?

Is it just a straight up bribe to an out-of-town developer who would otherwise avoid the investment?


The answer to my question above is "yes" this is a grant where the city and state has no expectation of financial return.

So many other red flags in the link below.

From the formc:

TREND plans to use these funds to purchase the Shopping Center, make renovations and capital improvements and cover leasing, financing and soft costs. Anticipated sources and uses are tabulated below and in Exhibit A, the Acquisition and Construction Budget, and you’ll find a detailed operating proforma in Exhibit B.


First Mortgage Debt $12,794,100

CDFI Subordinate Debt $7,779,505

City Grant $7,500,000

State Grant $5,000,000

NMTC Equity $3,377,800

Insurance Proceeds $2,000,000

Sponsor Equity (TREND) $1,020,000

Investor Member Equity (Crowdfunding) $980,000

Total sources $40,451,405

Uses Purchase Price $17,050,000

Closing Costs $1,307,264

Hard Costs $16,865,712

Soft Costs $4,216,428

Developer fee $1,012,000

Total uses $40,451,405

Investor Return The Company plans to distribute its Available Cash within thirty (30) days after the end of each calendar year, as follows:

  1. 49% to the Investor Members, in proportion to each Investor Member’s ownership of Shares; and
  2. 51% to the Sponsor.

As of now, the Company has only two classes of securities: Investor Shares and Sponsor Shares. The Investors in this Offering (which may include the Sponsor and its affiliates) will own all the Investor Shares, while all of the Sponsor Shares will be owned by the Manager. Investor Shares which total 1 million, shall include investors in this Offering, and may also include the Sponsor, its affiliates or investors acquired in a follow up offering.