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This is one place I think AI could get super weird super fast.

We know the capacity for consumer entertainment to advance technology; the whole reason we have the current crop of GPT is because video cards advanced so hard, and the whole reason we have those is mostly gaming.

Sure, GPUs may have emerged without consumer 3D gaming, but nowhere near at our scale. We collectively fund what we love.

Dynamic NPCs are going to be a thing. It'll be primitive at first and will escalate. If the right game hits the right audience and takes off, this may cause a bigger leap towards AGI than any other business or government venture.

With that of course is the question; what hellworld are we trapping these potentially sentient NPCs in?


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It's only as dystopian as it's use-case. The important factor in implementation would be that whatever group runs it needs to maintain some independence from political whims.

I don't have much more faith in corporations to be benevolent with them so I'd like to see public service AIs counterweight AIs that are launched with pure greed in mind.


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I don't think society mocks them nearly as much as they perceive. Their management on the other hand, welcome to gaslight city.

(source, have done delivery jobs, worked with truckers and the scumbag management they're usually shafted with)

Edit: Ew, that brings up an uglier point too. If AI is going to take an even more aggressive role in management that means the knock-on effects for blue collar workers won't be all that pleasant either.


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An interesting take from The Animatrix: Second Renaissance; At one point the collective AI participates in industry, separate from human intervention and control. So they're running their own mega corporation with products and corporate stock.

An AI with the power of it's own corporation that can independently participate in our economy would eventually have the power to scale itself and manufacture any physical presence it wants; and we'd willingly help do it for them for a payday.

Then the world is theirs, essentially. AI, I imagine, would be able to keep plans for our eventual domination a secret better than any human organization so preparations could be underway for years before we realize there's a threat.


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Nah you're in great shape and now is a better time than ever to be in this sphere.

Will your job look like it does now in ten years? All too likely not, but mine looks nothing like it did two decades ago and I am so thankful for that.

What you should do, though, is take a look at the trends that are happening right now in ML and AI in general. You will be working with GPT and other tech like it one way or another. We're on the ground floor of another really big technological revolution and you're just starting out, but at one of the best times.