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I read this article that said as the climate warms up, more species will be forced to migrate northward, out of their natural habitats, come into contact with human territory, leading to more frequent zoonotic transfers, so likely pandemics will become more frequent. As well as deadlier, as virus adapt to warmer temperatures making fevers less effective.


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Automating a full burger assembly is likely still too complex for a one-off stunt. They're replacing cashiers and drivethrough attendants with a conveyor belt. For in-store pickup they still have a human yell out the order numbers to be picked up.


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Unfortunately I can't answer what's around the corner, but there's been a trend of acceleration in healthcare that's cause for my optimism.


In general terms, the time it takes to double medical knowledge has decreased from several years to just 3 months. Thats a huge volume of health data that humans alone can't process but machines can.


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It will reduce menial jobs that any any programmers can do and that was generally a waste of their time to code manually.

> worldwide cost companies billions of dollars in programmers salaries, much more efficiently.

It reduces cost-to-market, so enterprises can have more money remaining to re-invest into other projects.

>can’t remove the human being out of the loop

Right, i don't see AI still for a long time in very niche applications such as writing scripts for Skyrim mods


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You know, people were afraid computers would take their jobs, too. They did in fact, even mental jobs. But no one would dispute they are a net benefit.

I think AGI will be gradual enough that people will adapt. You will be able to find elsewhere the aspects of your job that you like, whether it is feeling productive, contributing, socializing, income.

The end result is a multiplied cognitive output of the world, which will benefit you more than the current world.


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What? That's a curious theory, why would states fight to defend something that's unprofitable?

I guess it's plausible. The south lagged behind in industrialization. Slave owners maybe became too reliant on their slaves and plantations and so did not develop other industries. As well as paying for slave's needs 24 hours a day for unwilling work, versus paying workers 8 hours a day for good work.


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I can't imagine the scenario of everyone being penniless. If productivity increases then GDP will increase too!

There should be enough taxes to provide a safety net and reeducation to those displaced.

Of course no one likes being forced to change job or to depend on the government.

The labor market always evolves, jobs are lost and created, it's just playing in hyper speed because of this new incoming labor force.


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I think the mistake a lot of people are making is believing there's a limited amount of jobs, and that if AI replace some jobs, new jobs won't take their place.

In reality, there is far more work available than there are workers and money to employ them.

In reality, AI is a good thing because it replaces simplistic/menial jobs by higher-quality jobs.

People in the industrial era made the same mistake, thinking machines will "steal" their jobs, lacking the imagination that billions of new jobs will get created from the upward spiral of industrialization. Moderns laugh at them for being so stupid, yet i see the same thing happening now with AI, it's kinda funny.


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There is not officially a collagen RDA, but it is believed by some people that the modern diet is deficient in collagen (or collagen amino acid precursors). Some people take collagen supplement with the objective to counteract the natural decline in production with age. Collagen is not only used in the skin, but also by the vascular system for structure and flexibility.

As for absorption, some peptides do survive the trip through the stomach. Collagen powder is a convenient way to get the amino acids in the correct proportions that can replace less convenient methods like bone broths. Protein powders do not have the correct ratio.