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I agree, there's no really viable scenario for a tiny number of rich people to preserve all their wealth and power while exterminating the rest of the population through some covert scheme. The vast majority of wealth is in any case tied to productive capital, which mass automation of labor sans UBI would destroy in a catastrophic deflationary spiral, meaning most of the rich would lose their wealth too as asset prices fell through the floor.

What is more possible is UBI, but even in such a case people will ask questions about why those who happened to be rich in 2025 get to stay rich forever, while everyone else has to be poor on welfare forever.


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The show is literally filming season 2 in Japan right now. Hollywood Reporter ran a recent interview with one of the EP’s in late October that said filming was starting “next week” (from then). So I think the core cast clearly returns, otherwise they’d have announced. Elgort seems back in polite company, for the most part.