2d_is_a_pimple t1_j6sj6f7 wrote

Didn't they also screw up meters for December?

Same bastards who left my family in the dark for like 2 months after Hurricane Lee because they straight up "Forgot they didn't get to everyone yet."

I hate PPL with a burning passion man. But being in an apartment I don't think we get much of a choice...

Gotta say though, I'm smelling a lawsuit on the horizon for this circus of a company. I am fully convinced this incompetence is intentional and 100% to gain more profits.


2d_is_a_pimple t1_iu7clcp wrote

Dunno how cheap it is now but I stayed a few nights at the Rodeway Inn up in like, Revere. It's kinda gnarly but it's got a bus stop nearby. They also will shuttle you to the blue line which stops at the airport. No idea what the rates are now but yeah. I'd say that's a decent & cheap option.