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Sometimes keeping all your windows closed can be a bad thing. We have air quality sensors all over our home. Some are Eve Room devices and some are built into our Air Purifiers with carbon dioxide sensors. Often times when levels spike and we’re not doing anything to cause it like cooking food then it’s a good sign to open the window. That always brings the levels down. When the carbon dioxide sensor registers high values it’s typically in our bedroom while we’re sleeping. I definitely notice that we get headaches and poor sleep when carbon dioxide is elevated.


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The lack of parking enforcement in Philly is baffling to me. How people think it’s okay to park and the fact there are no repercussions are directly linked. I’ve lived in a number of major U.S. cities before deciding to settle down here and this would not fly anywhere else. Those cars would be ticketed and towed very quickly. It’s a huge revenue stream for cities too. When we first moved here people would regularly park on the sidewalk so close to our front door it was difficult to enter/exit our home. We had to literally block the curb to prevent people from doing this.


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Yes and far easier to reuse as well.

My point was really about sand though. It’s not common knowledge that the sand we use for things like glass and concrete are a very specific type of sand and a limited resource. You can’t just go into the Sahara and get all you need for generations to come.