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§ 50–2201.04b. All-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes.

(a)(1) No person shall:

(A) Operate an all-terrain vehicle or dirt bike on public property, including any public space in the District; or

Also it’s not so much that the cops allow ATVs and dirt bikers to ride around, it’s that they can’t stop them from doing so due to no chase policies. You’d be a much easier target as you seem more likely to pull over than the shitheads who drive these things around.


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If you want to work in an office, go right ahead, but don’t presume that you can judge everyone else by your own standards. My productivity and cohesion with my coworkers (many of whom are based internationally) while WFH has been absolutely fine and in many cases better since I’m not spending two hours a day commuting every day.

Ordering everyone back into an office because corporate landlords and Mayor Empty Suit have the sads isn’t a compelling argument.