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I can see us notice it in our monthly census probably September 2023. We’ll see tech bro office jobs fall off a cliff. Writer strikes by October 2023. Too many writers in the media from journalists to sitcom writers feel they are at threat of losing their jobs.

This will give Elon an undeserved “i told ya so!” Moment and he’ll probably joke about running for president (🚨)


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I know it probably won't be this month or even year, but I am so so fucking excited. The backlash will be crazy. But I'm so excited.

As a kid I used to create entire stories/movies with my toys that would continue on for months. I had the best imagination ever! I miss being a kid and always want to secretly buy action figures so I can "play" with them again lmfao. This will be my playset if this ends up being really good. I wrote a book and would love to turn it into a movie. I'm sure we are far away from that though. Maybe.


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The end of the decade they’ll be in warehouses. So I expect soonish like 5-7 years the AI chat bots will be good enough to befriend. Definitely not human robots that can talk to you like chatbots, that’ll probably come next decade but they’ll only be servants for the rich most likely for a good while and the shittier ones will be in Amazon warehouses like I said.