4lan9 t1_iwvhqha wrote

Their connector, the magsafe, is proprietary. Sure you can use a Qi pad, but then it has to be lying down on a table and you can't use it normally like when plugged in.

They know this. They know you will still shell out $40 for a magsafe cable that costs the manufacturer extra money to sell as MFi just because it is proprietary.

They are making tens of billions off their cut from cables, apps, subscriptions that they don't even make themselves. This is anti-competitive behavior that hurts the end user


4lan9 t1_iwvgo45 wrote

Unchecked capitalism is horrifying. If they had it their way we'd be stuck in 2002 when all phones had different proprietary chargers.

Apple wont do USB-C. they will fast-track magsafe despite it not being able to transfer data at USB-C speeds. They will remove the port to stay 'compliant' despite the fact that MagSafe IS PROPRIETARY. They will use their loophole to continue to overcharge you for cables through their MFi system. $4 per cable is goes to apple, currently. THAT is why your lightning cables cost an arm and a leg