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I get a veggie delivery per week $25-35, and spend about $100 on Costco every two weeks. Adding another $50 for adhoc trips per week.

So about $400/month for two people. I cook everything from scratch, but buy more premium ingredients, I eat meat but not every day.


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Dominion in Falls Church used to have the best French dip I’ve ever had. Perfect jus, actual ribeye steak, and nice crusty bread.

They changed it and now everything is bang on average and not worth the trip.


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Centralization is exactly the value proposition of social media. I fail to see what Mastodon brings to the table that something like Signal, Telegram, or even Discord don't already have out there.

Decentralized social media is an entirely different product than the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the others. Mastodon doesn't really fix it.

At its core, the fundamental idea of social media is what is broken.


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It’s not just the size, it’s the low density.

Low density means you need more roads which are very carbon intensive, additionally it also means you have to drive everywhere. While in a city walking and biking are viable options in the suburbs moving as little as half a mile often means crossing multiple lanes of traffic, no side walks, and businesses that are built for cars and not people. To compound this even further, it’s not just that one person has to drive for pretty much everything, but everyone has to drive to get anything done which further increases the need of car infrastructure.

Suburbs are not scalable, they need to die as soon as possible, and at the very least we should tax their inefficiencies through a land value tax.


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It’s really hard to make a bad pan, if it’s 3 or 5 ply it’s going to be good. What makes all clad great is that not only the materials are good but they also nail things like proportions and handles.

Take the Misen frying pan for example, it’s very well made but I always reach for my All Clad because the misen’s walls are too shallow.


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Man whenever I think about moving to Baltimore from DC I see posts like these. I’m no stranger to urban violance, I am from São Paulo after all. But the one thing I love about living in the US is that I can walk from place to place without fear of being mugged or assaulted. I can’t go back to that type of life.