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I'm hoping (relatively speaking) that it was catastrophic failure and not suicide.

The fact that radar showed it in a turn kind of makes me think it was mechanical. I'd assume with suicide you would just point the nose straight down or fly into a mountain.

Don't know what, if anything, was said over the radio but the turn may have even been started as an attempt to turn back when they realized something was wrong.


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The flight was in the air for about 14 minutes and had reached an altitude of just over 19,000 when radar noticed the plane was in a descending right turn at a high rate of descent, Landsberg said.

Obviously no idea what happened, but sounds like they went into a dive that exceeded the airframes survivable speed.


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What is special about this is that it is confidential; people can browse or borrow the books and other materials anonymously without having to check them out at the desk or to be entered into the library’s electronic system.

How long until a 'Religious Fundamentalist' just takes all of the materials and never returns them?