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Dude kids are to lazy to move their ass and swap the disc in the console.

Save environment is stupid excuse bs! At the same time they order junk from Aliexpress fake off brands factories encouraging more nock off products to be made just to save $1 it takes 3 weeks deliver across the globe and across China between 10 different depots then onto container ship that destroys environment. They dump buckets of junk into the sea constantly. But Billy doesn’t care about anyone but himself.


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Disco Elysium has good writing and story. If that’s what you want in games it’s one of the best. No mindless killing here.

Xcom is still good game if you finish it suggest you Wastelands 3 next is a step up in terms of difficulty, story and writing. Also Gears Tactics is solid. Then you can try cRPG like Divinity Original Sin 2 and Pathfinder.


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Depends on task at hand. Had Asus vivabook with Ryzen 5600h and it was fast enough for everything except gaming well you could still play indie games and light games no problem.

Value wise PS5 will last you good 5 years. Keep it just get a laptop with i5 or Ryzen 5 that supports NVME and 16GB DDR4. 2x8.

Don’t mix different speed and size RAM sticks. Keep it dual channel ideally 2x8 3200Mhz if laptop supports it.


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PlayStation 5 comes with 1000GB storage. It’s enough but you can add more storage it costs around $80-100. Disc games are often cheaper and hold some value. Any 4K TV will be fine.


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It will last you 5+ years if you want to play games in spare time. There are few decent titles on PS5. Money wise look around for disc versions of the games it will save you little money.


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Maybe wow classic trial version free upto level 20 is enough of content for week or two. you can do dungeons and quests together. if you stop at level 19 you can do pvp in the group against other people between who are level 10-19.