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I think you underestimate smartwatches.

> Now, as of today, Apple sells more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry. The gap widened in 2019 to 30.7M vs. 21.1M. That's the number of watches sold.

>Swiss watches are more expensive, certainly- but Apple watch sales for 2020 were $30.6B. The Swiss watch industry's total exports were $15B.

Also my comment was about the comment before, the guy who said apple don’t sell enough.

they perform top on the market and sell the most.


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„Nobody“, except the majority of people.

Leading smartwatch vendor: Apple

Apple's smartwatch unit shipment share worldwide Q1 2022 36%

Quarterly smartwatch unit shipment share worldwide from 2018 to 2022, by vendor: https://www.statista.com/statistics/910862/worldwide-smartwatch-shipment-market-share/

Edit: all the downvotes from the apple haters that don’t like facts and statistics :)