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I have a lot of fond memories from the auditorium, The Monkees, the globetrotters, etc. It is overall a nicer building, but the parking is still shit. And not that it matters, but Stevie Nicks played the waterfront.


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Police are frequently called to hotels and motels. They can assess the situation, and at least you tried. Just call the station, don't bother the emergency 911 operators.


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That's insane! I make my Dunkin' coffee at home. It's also ridiculously easy to make croissant sandwiches. I am not saying that I don't get drive thru on occasion (who doesn't love their little hash browns!), but over $3,000! That's the cost of a vacation! My money has gone to vet visits for the past few years, so that sort of convenience wouldn't be my sort of luxury.


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At the salon a few months back, and a lady said her husband gave her a card specifically for Dunkin' Donuts purchases, so they could keep track. Last year she spent over $3,000! 😵