7FukYalls t1_j0mqp8b wrote

I'm a mixed-race POC in the USA and while I understand this dude may have heritage of various of races, you can't declare that you're of just one when at first glance you have no resemblance of said claimed ethnicity...

If he introduced himself as Japanese, sorry but no. :( That's just MORE confusing... I'd have to ask him "what do you mean?" because we do have to keep in mind that our PHENOTYPES (visible features) most definitely play a role in our society and how we are perceived. The blood of said claimed ethnicity might exist, but remember that that doesn't automatically mean you can just say "I'm (claimed ethnicity"... That's not accurate. That's like a Mexican person claiming they're " Scottish" because of that mere <1% of existing blood in them.

At first glance, maybe it doesn't matter to some. I've experienced some things with my own background in the USA that makes me call this BS tbh.

I do wish him well in this, but this is a WEIRD take from this guy.