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Came to say this, but haven't been in a minute. Are they still off Horsepen?
Edit - wow it's been a LONG time...they're now Pho Thien Phat off of Horsepen, wonder if they're still as good.


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When I go to Panera sometimes there are remote workers. I'm sure any place wouldn't mind you purchasing food/drink and working for an hour or so. I think they would frown upon sitting there for hours though.


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I'm 25% walking in the door. It either goes up or down depending on the service and food/drink. Granted, the wait staff can't help it if the kitchen sucks but their attitude does effect the outcome.
To be honest, I've not had to deal with shitty wait staff, but food on the other hand...


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Never played it...no intention in doing so. I had trading cards growing up. I have an indoor storage unit (12x12) that is full of Baseball, Hockey, and Football trading cards dating back to 1976 up to 2012. Sorted per team/year, sleeved (rigid and semi-rigid, and some screw down for the special cards), and in binders.
I seriously need to just sell them LOL


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Snoop Dogg said the best. Put a thousand people in a room who don't like each other in, fill the air with weed and they'll be chilling; and taking selfies.
Put 4 motherfuckers in a room that don't like each and introduce alcohol, someone's going to end up dead.

Gov't doesn't like cannabis because it's tough to regulate, and tax it like tobacco