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Using 7 smaller warheads in a pattern across the city is a lot more efficient. Also the Tsar bomb was just physically too large to even fly to LA. Its just a dick measuring bomb.

PS: The Tsar Bomb design was twice as destructive as the one they actually detonated. They replaced the uranium tamper with lead in the test bomb to reduce fallout.


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Yeah, well white people killed a lot of the natives and interred with those that remained. Mexicans are mixed white/native (mestizo). However the US census doesn't consider mestizo a separate race which is pretty stuoid since Hispanicsare tge largest US minority. I did mispeak though. In the 2010 census a majority of Hispanics did identify as white, but now with the 2020 census that has switched to "mix race". People are allowed to identify as whatever race they want so shifting politics and social norms can change racial identity even when there's no actual change in genetic makeup.

Long story short: the US needs to recognize the existence of races other than just white, black and Asian. Or just dump race altogether, but good luck with that.


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I was staying around Fisherman's warf the first time and downtown the second. I was attacked by a homeless person at the McDonald's across the street from Pier 45 which is a major tourist area.

But ignore that point for a second. The real question is how is SF better than a city in the South like Nashville or Charlotte? And even if you think it's better is it THAT much better to pay 3x as much for a house?


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In the week I've spent in SF I saw more homeless people than the 22 years I spent living in Tennessee. It's not just about looks though, I was accosted multiple times while just minding my own business. There's also just not a lot to do compared to larger cities. It feels very monotone. You got the rich people and the homeless and not much in-between.