8976r7 t1_j1nks94 wrote

This story should be on every station--these women are AMAZING and the only reason that baby didn't die of cold or dehydration. And the fact that they had to do it all while trying to convince cops to arrest the suspect, and then do all the actual sleuthing to find the baby. Were the cops even looking for the baby at all??? Makes you wonder how different things would have been if it were the child of a rich white couple.

These women need to be invited to the White House, celebrated on tv, etc. They are an inspiration, doing all of this to save a baby they didn't know. Shyann Delmar and Mecka Curry--two amazing heroes who worked their asses of and never gave up and ended up bringing a baby home to his family. Even though this story is frustrating because the cops were so terrible, it's inspiring because of Shyann and Mecka. Brilliant job, ladies.