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Hiram Baker, known as "Doc Baker" to the locals. He's both a doctor and a veterinarian who services the Walnut Grove area. /s

We're in Charlton and our family and all of our friends in the Grafton, Auburn, Charlton, and Sturbridge area with kids between the ages of 4-13 go to Child Health Associates in Auburn. Great younger female PCPs if you have daughters and are looking for a female PCP.


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>This is different from legalization,’’ Jehlen said. “This is allowing personal use up to two grams. I think that’s probably enough for most people to use all the mushrooms they want to in their life.

Dear Fucking Clueless in Somerville,

Two grams in a lifetime, ha! I eat 2 grams of mushrooms every morning for breakfast just to make it through the day.

Peakin' at the Beacon,

Psilo Cybin


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What a treat that must have been. Any conversation about the Vermont shows and if he attended either of the Highgate shows or UVM ‘78 or ‘83?

Great clip below from a recent CBS This Morning interview of him requesting the band play his favorite song, Black Muddy River

Patrick Leahy - Black Muddy River


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I'm considering going but trying to determine if any of the vendors are selling records. I can tell from some of the vendor names what their wares are, others I cannot. Sounds like a good time and there's nothing better than drinking a 'gansett from a frosty mug at the Vernon.