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100% well water if it's a good well, luckily mine is. My well tank holds up pretty well during a power outage, and I'm getting solar/battery soon, so power outages longer than 8 hours won't be a concern any more.

My water tastes delicious, and is decent yield (10GPM) at a reasonable depth (220'), plus I'm on a ridge, ticks all the boxes.


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Smuggs was fine, sorta busy, but the same as any good weekend. Roads and parking were no issue. The snow was the best I’ve seen all season. I was out in Colorado last week and yesterday was just as good if not better here in N. Vermont.


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My folks have always ordered via the High Mowing Seeds catalog every winter, I do the same myself. Then I go to Gardener's Supply to pick up anything I wasn't able to get from the catalog.


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Thankfully I haven’t crossed this bridge yet, and a lot of stoves use universal parts for things like bricks, gaskets, etc. This is good to know. I’m not above fabricating stuff I need to work, but I prefer to use the OEM stuff


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I hear ya. Do you mind sharing what brand your gas insert was? My first house had a Jotul gas insert that was older, and it was reliable as a rock. I went for wood since I have plenty of wood on my property and propane prices can really get you, but I totally understand your reasoning for the switch. There are a few other places out there, Blazing Designs maybe? And there is one off Marshall Ave in Williston. Haven’t dealt with VT Stove and Flag, either.


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Interesting. I bought a Hearthstone wood stove from them twoish years ago. Zero issues with the purchase, delivery, or installation. Haven’t had to use them for service, and probably never will, I’ll go get the parts from Morrisville if I had to. I have definitely heard bad stories about their service side of the business


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Not doubting that in any way, but I’m not sure how that makes any difference? I mean those documents came from somewhere? Someone has to archive and upload them, correct? Some institutions have rare or unique documents or texts, where do they go? Maintaining and staffing a library is not anywhere close to a major line item at most colleges and universities. Hell, the small town I went to school in, half the town used the college library for books, music, and DVDs as it was ten times better than anything in the county.


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I think this is highly dependent on the school, coursework, and major. I graduated not so long ago, I certainly took courses where I absolutely had to find written records or books as part of the class, especially things that were in the special collections of the library, I’m talking things for history or classics courses. I was a Physics and Math major, mind you, but still had lots of other higher level coursework outside my major in various other liberal arts. One of my roommates was a Classics major. He lived in the archival part of our campus library.

I get what you are saying, though.