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Hmmm. So this seem to be some site which has a collection of some of the ai tech available now. I guess checking the free box, limits my options By a lot, but interesting find. I don't think I would have stumbled upon this, as It kinda looks like its still in it early stages. Thanks.


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U completely went over my head again, lol. Again, I dont have the fundamental knowledge in this field as u or many others maybe having. So when u explain with the assumption I maybe knowing it, I have no clue what u maybe be referring to. I think as some quote of Einstein said, if u understand something properly. U would be able to explain it to a child, and I feel i also would have to be explained I'm that way, as this is a field I have not much knowledge in, but nonetheless some questions pop in my Mind at some point in time.

Sometimes, I try using examples to help explain something to others, so they may understand it a bit easier.

Like for example what I feel is happening here is, for eg Ur in oogla land, and the ooogla boogla dont like it when u touch their moongla because it can cause their hoonglas to expand and become loonglafied which can be a toongla situation.

So even though this maybe be a simple explanation, for someone not familiar with oogla land and their language. This sentence may not make much sense to them, as their first questions might be, well what even I'd a oogla boogla?

Then u could perhaps use simple examples which helps the other person understand the situation even without knowing the fundamentals, which in this case might be.

So basically imagine oogla booglas as some islanders, and they saying, dont touch their eyes(moongla) because touching their eyes can cause their heads to shrink and give them basically a headache which is a messed up situation for them, or as they say, a toongla situation.

Also u mentioned 4th dimension, this another thing I dont understand, I have watched few videos and explanations but still haven't been able to understand it, but those explaining seemed to have gotten it, also u mentioned ai, this another field im interested in too. I feel ai is the next big thing, kinda like smartphones led light the internet etc. And each day its seeming to be going in that direction, I feel it has great potential and those who can get in early may benefit greatly from it. But since I'm not a coder, I'm unable to get into It too much, nor do I have the money to hire people and try and execute some ideas. As for many things, we can already assume It will highly likely be used for evil but likewise it has the potential for good in the other side as well. Maybe a team of good intended ai guys can come together and make something for humanity, that has an everlasting positive effect.


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Ok I guess this make me more confused, cause then I'm thinking, well what even is time, like does time exist?

Is time just the movement of all existing stuff in the universe?

So if nothing is moving at all, does time move?


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>But hey again thanks for the long, honest, and respectful response unlike some of the others.

Ur welcome. Dont take that in a wrong way, like I said two perspectives, its almost as if both people are living in different worlds, so even though u may have intended it as helpful advice, from their perspective, it can be seen as cold statement without empathy, although that's not u are trying to do at all. But likewise, from your POV, it may feel like they are just lazy or dont want to to face their problems but like I mentioned, there could be deep rooted problems, which could make them feel like hopeless, like truly hopeless, u genuinely don't think u maybe able to get out of that situation even though that may not be true,but that's what it might feel like to them, and that's when, external advice may feel cold to them, while to u it may feel like they dont want to help themselves. Which might not be the case.because they can't see that perspective. So overall basically like a miscommunication AFAIK.


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I see that u gave a long explanation, but the problem is, my lack of fundamental knowledge in this subject, so what maybe common knowledge to people in that field, may not be to me. So unfortunately, most of what u just described just went over my head. But I appreciate u taking ur time to explain, although it sucks that I can't understand it, as I don't have the base knowledge in the field.


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OK there's a lot to unpack there, and if i responded to each of those points, it might take quite some time. I'm not saying those are all boring stuff, would like to discuss about some of those, but for now, I'm assuming u understand gravity, could u eli5 that for me, like explain in very simple terms. Cause I don't seem to understand what gravity is or like why it works the way it does, kinda like magnets, I don't understand what that is either or what makes it work that way. So let's start there lol. Please tell me about gravity, but as I mentioned before, try explaining in a very simple way like u would to a child, so I may try and understand it. No, I'm not joking lol, I'm curious, cause my brain don't have enough knowledge or understanding to get an idea of what gravity is, like u know, when it finally clicks.


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I think understand ur and their perspectives.

I'll try to explain in simple way, cause else it might be too long explanation.

I see it as two modes, one is ur mode, or as I call it, the win mode or like feeling motivated, but lasting longer than just very short bursts. In the win mode, I think like u, there is no such thing as luck, we take action, we get results, don't wait for help, we do ourselves etc. In this mode, we believe and feel we can achieve almost anything, u face obstacle, u try to find solution for it. This mode usually feels real good and happy, and Ur mind feels good and u can see clearly. If I haven't experienced this mode myself, whatever u said would have made almost no sense to me because it sounds foreign.

Then there is the other mode, I call it the doomer mode, or u can call it depression ,mental illness whatever u want. This seems to be the default and longer lasting mode than win mode, which is usually temporary.

I'm not sure if u have ever experienced it, but it ain't a good feeling. U don't have much hope or hope at all. U can't think clearly, its kinda like trying to drive in foggy road. U don't believe u can Change anything, like genuinely we don't think we can do much, as it all feels like external factors affecting us. Think of a really low moment in ur life, like where u felt u couldn't do anything. Its kinda something like that maybe, but slightly less but on a usually constant feel like cruise control. U attempt to do something, and even one tiny set back, can make u feel even more bad and very overwhelming. In this mode, it ain't like the win mode at all, like even though I know what win mode feels like, when u reach the doomer mode, u feel like there no hope at all again, even though u experienced win mode before. U feel like u will fail, u only see chances to fail more, imagine walking a rope on a high place, if u fall u die, but now kinda apply it for general life plan or some things. Maybe a bit exaggerated but to help get u the idea, here u can't think of failure, because it can feel like a very big failure, and not something that u can handle, like how it would be in win mode.

I'm not sure how I can explain doomer mode to someone who may have not experienced it, or only for short while. But let's say, imagine u had a nasty fight with a loved one. And they somehow immediately passed away. Now u have deep regret that they passed away in such a bad time when u both were angry at each other and u couldn't ask for their forgiveness. Like truly take yourself to that moment. Ur very sad, u wanna apologize to them one last time but u literally can't, there's is literally nothing u can do, they are gone permanently. Now imagine at that time someone comes and tells u, yo, don't be such a downer, this happens, u gotta just move on, or something like, u can bring them back to life man, its easy, just do some science whatever and they will be back to life And just apologize, easy peasy, ur just being a wimp. I know I'm using some absurd example, but to a a person in that stage, whatever u say, even though with good intent, may sound like nonsense talks when they literally see no hope of realistically bringing them back to life and apologizing, to them, it sounds like ur just downplaying their troubles and just telling to get on with it, which can be hard to imagine in that stage. But from the win mode guys perspective, they are also imagining the other person to be in win mode, and the only way a win mode sitting still is because he is choosing it as choice, so in win mode. We feel others are not doing something because they lazy and just don't wanna take action. So this conflict of communication arises as both people are kinda like in different modes and they assume the other person Also in their own mode, because that's what they feel is what everyone maybe feeling like. I guess a very dumb example might be. There are two blind people. One strong and big, other thin and weak. Strong blind says, hey man, just want food, just lift this rock, and weak guy can't lift rock and strong guy gets angry at weak guy. Cause he can't see weak guy is weak cause he blind. Then they reach an obstacle, then somehow thin weak guy find a gap and reach other side. Strong big guy tries but can't, cause he too big, then weak guy gets angry at big guy, for not just fitting through the gap cause its easy, but he can't see the guy is big cause he blind.

I don't know if I explained it properly, but I hope u get it.


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As someone who ain't successful or whatever, I believe the third might be, evaluating a problem and finding a logical solution to it, keep changing tactics and angles until u find a solution. Luck is also a factor, true, but we can't just sit around doing nothing cause only luck matters.

Again, I'm. Not saying this as though a successful person, quite far from it I Believe, but in my small experiences, we usually don't take action due to many factors such as fear and all, but blaming it fully on luck is one of em I feel.